Alberta Health Services issued a new health advisory today. The AHS is now warning the public to be aware that dozens of people in Calgary are at risk of a potential tuberculosis exposure due to a confirmed case of tuberculosis at a daycare. On top of their public warning, the AHS also sent out letters to over 100 people in the city specifically, alerting them that either they or their kid may have been exposed to tuberculosis. 

"Alberta Health Services (AHS) has today issued notification letters to 150 individuals indicating that they or their child may have been exposed to a confirmed case of tuberculosis (TB) at a daycare in the Calgary Zone," reads the advisory. "Notification letters include information on arrangements for standard TB assessment, screening and treatment, if required." 

As of now, only the people that AHS has sent warning letters to in Calgary are potentially at risk of being exposed to the confirmed tuberculosis case.

Although 150 individuals and their kids may be at risk of the exposure, the general public overall is currently not believed to be at risk. AHS says that they have issued a public health advisory in order to keep Calgarians informed of the matter

"Risk of transmission to these individuals is low, and the case does not present an ongoing risk at the daycare or to the general public," reads the health advisory. "AHS is only informing the public as a matter of transparency."

AHS is now working with the Calgary Zone Medical Officer of Health in order to arrange a follow-up screening. 

The AHS will not be releasing the name of the daycare where the potential tuberculosis exposure took place or further details on the case in order to protect patient confidentiality. 

Currently, there is no known effective vaccine for tuberculosis in North America, according to the AHS. Tuberculosis can be spread to others when someone infected coughs, sneezes or talks. If anyone has questions about the disease, they can contact Health Link 24/7 at 811. 

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