Few things in life bring so much joy as having a pet in your home. If you've always wanted a puppy but were unsure of the commitment, then there's a way that you can be a temporary dog-parent and help out a pup in need. Right now, Calgary wants puppy foster parents to help care for new rescues and it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society recently had a large intake in rescue animals and they need Albertan's help to care for them.

"We're desperate for volunteer foster homes to come forward to foster a puppy or two so we can make room for more as the weather continues to get cold here in January," said Deanna Thompson, AARCS executive director, to CTV News.

Alberta has been experiencing severe winter weather. So much so that Edmonton could be one of the coldest places on Earth on Tuesday, January 14.

You could literally help a puppy come in from the cold and if that's not beautiful then I don't know what is.

For full details on the process of becoming a foster dog-parent and to learn more about AARCS, you can check out their website.

A tweet from the rescue society, speaking in the voice of the dogs, obviously, says the "nice people at #AARCS brought us in from the cold and we can't wait to start our new lives!"

AARCS executive director Deanna Thompson said to CTV News that "these animals were living outside and with the change in the weather, they very likely would have perished had they not been rescued."

It's not just dogs and puppies in need of homes. There are adoptable cats and bunnies. 

Plus, their "barn buddies" are outdoor cats that you can foster that "have traditionally been deemed 'un-adoptable,'" so they get a second chance.

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