Old Man Winter hasn't had his last laugh yet, Calgary. Though we somehow forget that winter is a thing every time the sun comes out, it's time to saddle up for the thermometer to plummet and the snow to fall. The forecast shows that Calgary weather this weekend will be less than ideal for anyone who's already started to get those spring vibes going.

Much to our delight, Calgary has been nothing short of balmy these past few days. As of Tuesday, March 3, we’re sitting at a casual 7 C with just a touch of clouds in the sky, according to The Weather Network

On Wednesday we’ll be looking at temperatures of 5 C and maybe a sprinkle of snow.

Thursday will bring us back up to 8 C with a mix of sun and clouds, and Friday will bring temperatures of 6 C with some potential for a little bit of snow and rain.

Hold onto your hats, because the following day, Saturday, March 7, doesn't look so hot (literally).

On March 7 we can expect an overnight temperature drop that will have our thermometers landing at -8 C, a full 15 degrees lower than just days before.

During this time it will feel like -13 C and we can expect from five to 10 centimetres of snow.

On, and a cute little cherry on top, there will be zero hours of sun all day long.

Thankfully, the following day will bring us back on the upward climb with -6 C temperatures and no snow.

After that, Monday will be 1 C and Thursday will be 4 C. So, we’ll be back in the positives in no time.

If you’ve already got started on your weekend plans, you may want to change your Saturday schedule to indoor activities. Also, you might want to stay off the roads. We all know how out of control things can get when it snows.

If you’re feeling especially proactive about planning ahead, you might as well take a peek at the two-week forecast.

As it turns out, the entire week from Monday February 9 to Monday, February 16 will be spent in the positives. Ranging from 5 C to 3 C, which is basically bikini weather for us Albertans.

Before you get discouraged about the spring ahead, you should know that the long-term weather forecast has actually got spring looking pretty dry and mild for Alberta. So, that's nice!

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