Since the Canadian federal election on October 21, some western Canadians have expressed their displeasure with the results. In fact, a group of them have come together to promote movements such as WEXIT, which advocates for the separation of western Canada from the rest of the country. The movement is predominately supported by Albertans. To bridge the divide between Alberta and the rest of Canada, Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has offered to help Justin Trudeau understand what’s important to Albertans and gain deeper clarity on Alberta’s problems. Calgary’s mayor helping Justin Trudeau has also raised questions about if Nenshi will become a representative or advisor for Alberta's federal cabinet.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi spoke about his offer to help the prime minister on CTV’s Question Period on October 27. Firstly, he discounted the rumours that he would be appointed for Alberta in the federal cabinet. He called the rumours “silly,” saying that he hasn’t received a job offer or even been in discussions about a job of that nature. 

What mayor Nenshi did confirm, though, are the rumours of separatist movements in Alberta.

In the interview, mayor Nenshi said he would help Canada’s prime minister understand Albertan issues in an informal manner. Therefore, he will not be taking a formal advisory position but simply helping Trudeau’s government navigate the needs and problems of Albertans.

The WEXIT Alberta movement's Facebook page has over 30,000 followers. The slogan across the page’s banner photo reads “If Justin Trudeau is re-elected on Oct. 21 I will be a separatist on Oct 22.” The election has now passed and Justin Trudeau has been re-elected as the leader of a Liberal minority government in Canada.

If mayor Nenshi goes ahead with his offer to assist Trudeau in mediation with Alberta, he believes that the Trans Mountain pipeline must be built and Bill C-69, the Impact Assessment Act, will need to be re-examined.

Since the federal election, countless separatist cries have been shared online.

Naturally, there have also been posts with contrary views, slamming the WEXIT movement.

The posts and the movement itself demonstrate a conflict between western Canada and the rest of the country as well as within Alberta itself. What might be different if Calgary's mayor opts to assist Justin Trudeau in bridging the gaps?

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