Calgary's rainbow sidewalk has been defaced yet again. This time, the letters "BLM" have been spray-painted across Calgary's pride sidewalk in the downtown core.

It's the third time the crosswalk has been vandalized, but this time Calgary Pride has asked that it be left as is.

On Sunday, September 27, a post on Twitter showed BLM (Black Lives Matter) spray-painted on the Stephen Avenue rainbow sidewalk.

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The Pride movement was born inside the courage of Black Trans folks who fought back in the face of oppression.

Calgary Pride

Calgary Pride said on Twitter that they support the BLM movement and message.

"Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. Their stories matter and they cannot be erased."

Rachel Notley was quick to applaud the group, saying on Twitter, "thanks for your inspirational leadership." 

This isn't the first time this pride crosswalk has been vandalized.

It had to be repainted twice last year after "lust" and “shoot a f****t" were spray-painted on the crosswalk within the same week.

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only.

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