Calgary can finally catch up with the rest of the province. On Friday, May 22, the Government of Alberta said that they're allowing Calgary's reopening to go ahead on May 25. This means that restaurants, bars, hair salons, and so many other businesses can take part in the province's larger reopening strategy. 

"I want to thank everyone in Calgary and Brooks for waiting patiently as we worked together to flatten the curve," said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. 

The Premier said that case numbers in both Calgary and Brooks have come down recently, which is why they've been able to confirm a relaunch date for the two communities. 

He is now encouraging Albertans to get outside, stay safe, and support local businesses as they open their doors to the public again. 

If you've been waiting a while to get your favourite drink at the pub, now is your time. 

According to the Government of Alberta, the May 25 relaunch date will send the public back into many businesses. 

Originally, both Calgary and Brooks were supposed to reopen at the same time as the rest of Alberta on May 14. 

"The delay was made to balance public safety with the need to get businesses open and services restored for Albertans," read the press release

Although restaurants, pubs, and hair salons can finally open their doors to Calgarians on May 25, they'll have to be operating at 50% capacity, according to the press release.

The government is also reminding the businesses that the two-meter rule should still be in place at all times. Everyone is also being encouraged to wear non-medical masks while out and about in public

This also means that people need to stay home if they're sick and exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. And if you haven't had a look yet, the list of symptoms is a long one.


"As we move forward with reopening additional businesses and services in Calgary and Brooks, I remind all Albertans to support local businesses, but to do so in a safe and responsible way," said Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Alberta.

So if you're so over getting impromptu at-home haircuts, now is the time to finally venture outside and secure a seat at the barbershop.

The press release said that Alberta will move onto stage 2 of its relaunch plan if stage 1 remains a success.

The province will look at health care capacity, infection numbers, and hospitalization and ICU admission rates to determine whether it's safe to move into stage 2.

Calgarians can officially enjoy a patio drink and a hair cut from any local business that decides they are comfortable with opening, because starting a few days from now, they're allowed.

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