Since we were kids we've been advised to only call 911 for emergencies. With a pandemic upon us, now is an especially bad time to be calling 911 if there isn't an emergency. But apparently, Calgary doesn’t know this and according to local law enforcement, people are calling 911 for toilet paper. We know that this home essential is basically the new currency, but this is pretty extra. 

First responders are constantly busy and work tremendous hours to put up with the demand, now more than ever. And while we all like to assume that people are trying their best to limit their workload, some are making it difficult for 911 operators. 

According to a tweet released by the Calgary Police's Digital Communications Officer, people are calling 911 for ridiculous reasons. 

Apparently, someone called the emergency line because they were out of toilet paper and needed more. 

The context is unknown and it is not clear if the person was at home in the washroom or at a store. But either way, this is a prime example of what not to call 911 for. 

While toilet paper is a hot commodity these days, 911 cannot supply it for you. 

Constable Mark Smith with the Calgary police spoke with 660 News about that specific call, saying it was “disappointing.”

He also said that there are some people out there who do not grasp the seriousness of calling 911. 

But this isn’t the only ridiculous thing people called over.

The tweet included other wacky 911 calls including “I can’t get through to 8-1-1, do you know a better number?” and “My neighbours kids are running around making too much noise.”

Someone even called asking what bars are open. Apparently, they never got the memo about social distancing.

Usually, callers will be given a warning. But should it persist, Smith told 660 News that fines as high as $5,000 or $10,000 could be issued. 

Unfortunately, it’s not just Calgarians that are calling emergency lines for inappropriate reasons. 

Police in B.C. have received equally silly calls. Anything from broken ATM machines to complaints about haircuts have been reported and they are all perfect examples of how not to act.  

Because of COVID-19, first responders are working incredibly hard. 

Other than staying home, the best way to make their jobs easier is to only call when there is an emergency. 

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