On July 1, a Canadian man who killed two children back in 2004 will be released from prison. While his sentence was not expected to be over until December, the man is being pre-released on parole by July 1. During the five months of his pre-release, he will live in an undisclosed facility under strict rules before becoming fully released. 

Michael Douglas Sheets, who now goes by John James Joseph Jerom Hala was charged with manslaughter after he threw a 'Molotov Cocktail', which is a flammable bottle that often causes the same explosions as a grenade, into a Calgary home. 

According to National Post, this explosion and fire killed the two children in the home, Ali Al-Mayahi who was five-years-old and his sister Saja who was only four-years-old. Their mother was able to escape the burning building by jumping from the second story window. 

Since then, Hala has been serving a 14-year sentence for both manslaughter and arson. However, during his time in prison, he managed to escape the facilities that he was staying at twice. According to City News he escaped from the minimum-security prison he was staying in at Metchosin, BC in 2015. He was found and returned back to jail.

The second time was in September 2018 when he went missing from a different minimum-security facility in Missions. Workers were unaware that he was missing until he didn't appear for evening roll call. He was found several days later by police on Vancouver Island where he was returned back to the institution. 

However, despite these escapes, National Post states that the 49-year-old man is being released five months early for a pre-release where he will be staying in an undisclosed facility before his full release in December. 

However, he will be facing harsh rules and counseling during his parole. The parole board told National Post that without strict rules for Hala to follow he could be "an undue risk to society". 

This means that even after Hala is freed he will have to participate in councilling for substance abuse and anger management. He is also ordered to never consume alcohol of street drugs and to not associate with anyone who is involved in crime. 

Hala is also under the strict rule to not make any contact with the victims' family and will be attending a brain injury center after he is released from his prison in B.C.

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