If you've ever used Car2Go, you've probably come to love it, you may even use it every day. The innovative carsharing service is remarkably handy and has been a total hit in Calgary for the past few years. Tragically, it has recently been announced that Car2Go is leaving Calgary and, as you'd expect, many Calgarians are completely beside themselves. In efforts to save the commuting method of countless Calgarians, the City of Calgary has been begging Car2Go not to leave YYC.

Last month Car2Go announced in a news release that they would be rolling out of Calgary on October 31, 2019. Don’t feel too bad, Calgary, they’re also leaving Austin, Denver, Portland, and Chicago, too.

Though the decision sounded defiant, the reasoning was rather unclear. The news release spoke to the difficulty of the transportation markets in the respective cities and noted that they’d be focusing their resources on areas that presented a clearer path to “path to free-floating carshare success.”

The City of Calgary wasn’t ready to let them leave without a fight. Eric MacNaughton with the city's transportation department told CBC News that the city has been in talks with Car2Go to try and find a solution that will allow them to continue operating in Calgary. Tragically, MacNaughton explained that nothing the city has done up until this point has persuaded Car2Go to change their minds.

If Car2Go vanishes from Calgary’s streets by the end of this month as planned, the city will be looking into other carshare options, according to CBC News. For example, Vancouver has Evo and Toronto has Zipcar. As of now, Calgary has no other option.

Speaking of Toronto, Car2Go also left T.O. in the dust as of last year. If you’re wondering which cities they’ll be refocusing their attention on, their release explained that they are Montreal, Vancouver, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. As if they don’t already have enough.

Calgary has been on the streets of Calgary since 2012 and, judging by the public’s reaction to the news, it’s a pretty big deal to a lot of locals.

One local tweeted, calling the news a "very unfortunate unnecessary breakup." Another user tried to pitch Car2Go some clever money-making ideas so they could stay. "What about wrapping your cars in ads. And playing an audio ad when we enter the car. And showing ads on the little screen in every car. There has to be a way to make your money," she wrote.

Though Calgary does have two brands of e-scooters, they're not exactly perfect for winter weather conditions. We're happy the City of Calgary is fighting for us on this one, but we're in shambles about this breakup. Looks like we'll be seeing you on Calgary transit soon.

Narcity has reached out to the City of Calgary and Car2Go for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

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