An ex-conductor with Canada Pacific Rails (CP Rails) just won a wrongful dismissal lawsuit after being fired for Instagram photos. After photos of her posing semi-nude on train tracks surfaced online, train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff was fired in November of 2017. Now, over two years later, the conductor fired for sexy photos won her lawsuit but she won't likely be returning to her job as a conductor.

According to the CBC, Katelnikoff was fired in 2017 for "violating CP Rail's code of ethics and its internet and email policy."

The Facebook and Instagram photos they chose as evidence showed her partially undressed and in suggestive poses.

A railroad was visible in some of the photos. They have since been deleted from social media.

Katelnikoff told Narcity those photos were taken before she became a conductor.

"I was not working for the railroad when those photos were taken, they predate my employment," she said.

She wasn't sure the photos were taken on CP's property, something that the company accused her of.

Her union lawyers argued that the photos weren't enough to cost her her job. The arbitrator agreed, saying that she should've only received a short suspension.

Her victory in court promised cash compensation, the amount of which will be determined by her union lawyers and CP. She will not, however, be returning to her job.

CP said to Katelnikoff that they had received an email complaint from a "Sharon Dickenson," which enabled them to search through Katelnikoff's Instagram, she told Narcity.

However, her lawyers argued that this email didn't actually exist.

The arbitrator agreed, coming to the conclusion that the email was likely not "a legitimate functional email address," reported VICE

One of the main reasons the photos got her fired was because they believed her to be on their property*, showing a "lackadaisical disregard for safety," according to Katelnikoff.

However, she pointed out that the person who fired her had also posted photos of himself walking along CP rails.

"I don't see why the manager who fired me's photo wouldn't have done the same thing. Why, if it's something that you can fire someone over, why he didn't immediately resign after firing me," she said.

Katelnikoff doubles as a model and mechanic on the side. She said her modelling hobby had helped her accept her body and grow her self-esteem.

"It was like really empowering and it boosted my self-esteem. I kind of stuck with it and it helped me get over a whole bunch of self-esteem issues," she said.

She continued: "the company did a good job undoing all the work that I did by cutting me down at the knees and pointing at the photos of me and saying, who's gonna want to work with someone that portrays themselves this way, like, it's something to be ashamed of."

"It was my dream job, and despite the issues that I've had with the company basically since I started, the job itself was amazing," she said to Narcity about working as a conductor.

However, since starting, she said she's also experienced sexual harassment and double standards as a woman in the industry.

CP Rails has declined to comment.

*This article has been updated.

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