If you plan to take Calgary's e-scooters for a spin in the new year, then you might want to know about some potential new rules. According to CBC municipal affairs reporter Scott Dippel, e-scooter fines in Calgary are in the works for 2020. The new proposal shows that fines could increase to $400 for riding recklessly. 

Calgary’s e-scooters and e-bikes were a massive hit during their pilot year in the city. Bird Canada says that it recorded 25,000 unique rides within the first 100 days of its launch in Calgary, Dippel reports.

While the first year of operations was a success, changes are coming to the program in the new year. One of these changes will include hefty fines for scooter-related offences.

During a council meeting on Wednesday, December 18, transportation and transit committees met to discuss how the first year of the pilot project went. 

According to CBC News, Mayor Nenshi stated that the people of Calgary thoroughly enjoyed the e-transportation as 150,000 people took out memberships. 

With the new year coming up, Nenshi wants to focus on commuter safety while simultaneously encouraging people to try out something new. 

During Wednesday's meeting, the council approved new changes to the program. These include three new fines implemented into the second phase of Calgary's e-scooter pilot.

Fines of up to $400 can be issued to those who operate their e-vehicle recklessly, or for running into a pedestrian while riding on the sidewalk, CBC reports.

A $75 fine will be issued for carrying another passenger on their standing two-wheeler, also called "doubling."

While it may seem like an expensive fine, it is needed. CBC News stated that 281 calls were made to 311 to complain about the scooters between July and October. 

Altogether, 33 e-bike injuries required an ambulance within those same months.

During the first four months of the e-scooter pilot project and the first year of the e-bike project, 206,000 riders recorded 918,000 trips around Calgary. Of those, 750,000 were via scooter. 

While the fines are hoping to improve safety, councillors are looking for other changes such as dropping the speed limits in certain areas where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic.  

Calgary has made road safety a priority this year. Just three months ago, the city announced that drivers could face fines of $203 for passing bikers on the roads. 

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