Brace yourselves, Albertans! The extremely cold weather is back in Alberta. Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold weather for almost all of Alberta today on February 25. It looks like winter is far from over in Alberta right now. There are expected to be wind chills as cold as minus 40°C throughout the province. 

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A period of very cold wind chills is expected," warns Environment Canada in their weather statement. "The coldest wind chill values will be near minus 40". We're getting cold just thinking about it. 

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The reason for this extreme cold weather outburst that is hitting almost all of Alberta? You can thank an arctic airmass for that. Environment Canada explains that "an Arctic airmass with clear skies has developed extreme cold wind chills through most of Alberta". 

Unfortunately, Albertans won't be able to get some relief from this bitterly cold weather until Wednesday afternoon. "Overnight into Tuesday morning some of these regions will experience wind chill values near minus 40 again," reads the weather alert

Via Screenshot | Environment Canada

The extreme cold weather alert is in effect for almost all of Alberta, as you can see from the highlighted map from Environment Canada above. A total of 21 warnings were issued across the province. Earlier in the morning, all of Northern Alberta was under extreme cold weather warning as well. 

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Winter has not exactly been kind to Alberta this year. February has been bitterly cold with Albertan cities like Calgary experiencing their longest cold stretch in over 20 years, according to Global News. It looks like winter wants to end the month on a cold note. Here's hoping spring brings some warmer weather. 

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Environment Canada is now warning that extreme cold can be dangerous and is cautioning locals to be careful. "Extreme cold puts everyone at risk," reads the alert
"Cover up. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill". 

It's the perfect reason to stay inside tonight and cozy up to a fireplace and a Netflix marathon. Stay safe out there, Albertans! 

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