One of the largest hospitals in Canada has been hit with a COVID-19 outbreak. 

The Foothills COVID-19 outbreak in Calgary has seen 50 patients and staff testing positive as of Monday morning, September 28. 

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Multiple teams are working daily to determine where the infection may have started. 

Alberta Health Services via CBC News

Four deaths have been connected to this hospital outbreak, according to CBC News

Alberta Health Services (AHS) told Global News that five units at Foothills have been affected at this point. 

It's an even split between the patients and staff as far as the cases go: 25 infections among staff and 25 infections among patients.  

Global News also said that 136 staff members are self-isolating as a result of the outbreak. 

On Friday, September 25, Narcity reported that many staff members are self-isolating without pay as the province's "special paid leave" for health workers was cancelled. 

An anonymous nurse told City News that "people are afraid." They also said the morale in the hospital "dropped almost instantly" after the outbreak was made known to staff. 

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