While it's no surprise to anyone that Riverdale co-stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are dating both on and off screen, both actors have kept quiet on any details of their relationship. 

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After making their red carpet debut at the Met Gala, the couple has been seen together on occasion. The latest spot they were seen hanging out? None other than Instinct Animals for Film in Alberta, a training centre for wolves used for movies and TV. 

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The actors, who are currently filming season 3 of Riverdale in Vancouver B.C., can be seen lounging on the grass and hanging out with Gilles de Maistre, a French film director.

The training facility is just an hour away from Red Deer, and one province over from where the pair is currently shooting the newest season of Riverdale. Instinct Animals For Film is most well known for being the home to Quigly, who plays the direwolf Ghost on Game of Thrones. 

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The couple was busy playing with wolf cubs as part of an upcoming project the director and Reinhart are working on. De Maistre hinted at this in multiple photos but declared it's an upcoming movie on an adorable video of a wolf cub playing with Lili's shoelace. 

Sadly, the movie that the director and Reinhart are currently working on is still under wraps but De Maistre did share the title in his Instagram caption. The film is called "The Wolf And The Lion."

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It looks like Sprouse got to tag along on the trip for his girlfriend's new film but he didn't seem to mind! 

A video on Youtube even shows a wolf snuggling up to Sprouse. You can even hear Reinhardt in the background declare "He likes you!" during their cuddle session. 

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While the new couple is making everyone's hearts swoon, their co-star Madelaine Petsch, known for playing Cheryl Blossom, recently posted a new vlog on her Youtube channel sharing all the details about her move back to Vancouver! 

Apparently, Riverdale has some crazy fans who have made her move more than uncomfortable, forcing her to up security and leave her old apartment! She spills all the tea in under eight minutes in the video below! 

We don't know what we're more excited about, the fact that Lili and Cole were spotted hanging in Alberta, that our favourite actress has a new movie (including wolves!), or that season 3 of our favourite show is officially filming! 

No matter what it looks like 2018 is an exceptional year for Canadian Riverdale fans! 

Source: CBC

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