Who knew a sheep wearing a mask would start such a firestorm. On Friday, a restaurant in Calgary had to field messages and phone calls from angry customers that are upset that they are now required to wear a mask at the popular downtown spot. After a weekend of backlash, Stephen Deere, manager of Modern Steak, posted another update on Sunday, saying the restaurant received ten very threatening phone calls (and counting) about his new policy.

It has almost been two months since masks have become mandatory in all public indoor spaces in Calgary as a COVID-19 safety measure, however, people still seem to be having a hard time playing by the rules.

“Update! 10 very threatening phone calls and counting from the anti mask crowd. Plenty of on star reviews on any site they can get one. All because we ask people to treat front line workers respectfully,” said the update posted by Modern Steak on Sunday.

In an interview with Narcity, Deere said, “Our only message is it’s ok to be upset or dislike masks but it’s not ok to mistreat people in retail and hospitality they are following the rules set out so we can all stay employees and not be fined.”

He continued, “Staying safely open and employing my team is my biggest responsibility and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”

Deere hopes sharing the backlash reminds people to be kind as small businesses try their best to follow the rules while keeping customers happy.

Last week, the restaurant manager shared an angry message that a customer sent to them denouncing their new mask policy. The frustrated customer said, “You should be ashamed that you are normalizing this sick situation.”

It is mandatory for all public indoor spaces in Calgary to enforce the mask bylaw.

“How disgusting to walk into a place to eat and to not only have the servers all masked up .. but also your decor,” said the message posted on Modern Steak’s Instagram.

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