We're sorry, Calgary, but we need to start talking about winter. There is already snow on the ground, so we should probably come to terms with it. If you've got a sidewalk to shovel, you should get out there ASAP because the city of Calgary has implemented new fines up to $750 for failing to remove snow and ice to their standards. The new Calgary sidewalk shovel fine is worth knowing about so your wallet doesn't suffer along with your sidewalk this winter. 

Calgary Ward 7 City Councillor, Druh Farrell tweeted on Monday, reminding Calgarians that "the new fines for not cleaning your sidewalk of snow & ice are now in effect." They explained that the fines will cost you $250 on the first offence, $500 on the second, and $750 on the third. The count refreshes yearly, so you will only climb to the third offence price point if you’re caught three times in a 12-month period. “Of course, like all of our bylaws, we start with education. Tell your friends,” the tweet concludes. 

Calgary has already seen a massive dump of snow so you better saddle up for a wild winter. If you've ever slipped on an icy sidewalk, you probably see why this fine is necessary. On the flip side, if you've ever shovelled an impossibly icy sidewalk, you might not be jumping at the chance to grab your shovel. Regardless, Calgary has spoken, so you should probably learn up about what you need to do to avoid the hefty fines. 

According to the City of Calgary’s website, the regulations surrounding snow and ice require property owners to get rid of all snow and ice “down to a bare surface” within 24-hours after a snowfall ends. Owners of rental properties are required to make arrangements, likely with their tenants, to have snow removed. If you’re a renter, check to see if shovelling is in your lease agreement. The city’s website specifies that a path that is at least 1.5-meters wide must be cleared.

Beyond the fines, an invoice from the city will be sent to a property owner if the city has to clear their sidewalk for them. This invoice will be a minimum cost of $150 plus GST. Also, if you become a repeat offender, getting hit with those first, second, and third offence fines, you might have to appear in court, according to the City of Calgary's website.

It's snowy and cold in Calgary and winter can be tough on the locals. We totally get why you'd put off shovelling the sidewalk. With the volatile weather, snow could melt in a day or be piled on top in just minutes after you finish shovelling.

That said, just consider shovelling part of your workout routine this winter. Stay in shape while avoiding fines like a true Canadian. This winter is supposed to be as snowy as ever, so shovel shopping should be added to your fall bucket list in Calgary.


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