Most of us have probably had a night out on the town where we’ve had a bit too much to drink and wound up with our head in a toilet or bush. It happens to all of us. 

Hopefully you haven’t done that in someone’s car though, especially a strangers. 

The city of Calgary is trying to prevent that from happening by introducing a new fine for people who puke or otherwise ruin the inside of a taxi. And the fine for doing so is quite a bit of money.    

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The city has just introduced a new fine of $250 for people who can’t keep down what’s in their stomach during a cab ride. 

Calgary city councillor George Chahal supported the new fine, “Let’s be good citizens and respect the industry’s vehicles because everybody is just looking to make a living and our drivers in the city of Calgary are doing a great job just trying to get people safely home.”  

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Previously the fine for this sort of act had been $100, so this is quite a significant increase.

Councillor Chahal said that the old fine didn’t cover how much it actually cost to get a car cleaned after someone had barfed in a taxi, hence the need for an increase.  

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He also said it costs drivers time to go get their car cleaned, when they could be on the road picking up more passengers.

So if you’re in a Calgary cab anytime soon you should make sure you can handle what’s in your stomach so you don’t get walloped with a massive bill for your ride. 

Source: Toronto Star

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