Restaurants all across town are making their comebacks and it's just in time for summer. With patios popping up in many of the city's cafes and pubs, social distancing has never felt so good. And with customers flooding back, restaurants in Calgary are almost starting to look "normal" again.

After allowing restaurants to reopen on Monday, May 25, patios have been popping up all over the city. For example, CRAFT Beer Market just opened a new giant rooftop patio.

For Todd Carpenter, general manager of the Cat n' Fiddle pub, things have been looking up. Since reopening dine-in and their patio, they have had tons of customers come in.

"People are happy to be able to get out and have a beer on the patio," he said to Narcity.

He said they've had to open at half capacity to work with the new health guidelines, but continued that they've been at that capacity all throughout the first week. Most everyone's happy to be out finally, he said.

"I'd say 90, 99% of the people are just happy to be here and out," he said.

"I think being out in the patio, they feel there's more room, so they're not as not as apprehensive as if they had to sit inside."

However, Carpenter continued that things weren't quite the same. For example, he's not allowed to serve people at the bar, and the pool table and dartboard were closed down — things he said were part of the pub experience.

"I don't think it makes much sense where we can't serve a guy over the wood but they can go and ride a Lime scooter that someone just used," he said.

Although everyone's happy to be out again, most are taking the virus seriously, he said. People are following the rules and spacing out inside the pub and patio.

Although they were delayed a bit behind the rest of the province, Calgary announced all restaurants, bars, hair salons, and more were allowed to reopen starting Monday, May 25.

"We're just happy to be back open and welcoming people and trying to give people a little escape from the crap that's going on," said Carpenter.

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