If you're living under a rock, Western Canada is dealing with an insane amount of wildfires right now. Due to the high amount of wildfires and the ground-level ozone warning, BC just announced that the province has gone into a state of emergency

The smoke has become so bad that people have been comparing Vancouver to a post-apocalyptic city, some have been experiencing bad reactions to the overwhelming smoke. 

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In addition to the hundreds of wildfires burning in the province, Canadians are now having trouble travelling around from the Western provinces. As you may know, some towns in Northern BC have had to evacuate the area, in response, many others have decided to travel away from the awful conditions. 

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Smoke from the wildfires have caused delays and in some cases cancellations for travellers this past weekend. 

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According to Global News, six flights that were scheduled to leave Calgary for BC were cancelled due to smokey weather conditions. Three flights were to Kamloops, one to Penticton and another was destined for Kelowna, BC.

It's been a rough few weeks for Canadians. Dealing with the wildfires has been tough enough, but now the smoke has made even travelling more difficult for Canadians. 

The air quality advisory is still on for now. It doesn't look like the smoke will be clearing up anytime soon. We'll have to wait and hope that the efforts made by the province will be enough to help improve the smokey conditions. 

Source: Global News 

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