The snowfall in Alberta and more specifically Calgary has been crazy. The city has received over 30 cm of snow and was sent into complete and utter chaos. Some parts of Alberta even got double that and received 60 centimetres of snowfall! Nearby city Edmonton has even had to send their snow plows to Calgary to help. 

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On the bright side, Canadians sure know how to handle and react to snow. Whether they're cross-country skiing across the city, running in a tank top and shorts or water skiing in the midst of the snowy conditions, Canadians have proven time and time again that snow will not stop them from living their best lives. 

In the meantime, snow has finally stopped and Calgarians can currently enjoy sunny skies, but there ain't no rest for the wicked–it is forecasted to return already next week on Monday, October 8th, according to The Weather Network. Thankfully, it is expected to be less snow this time around; there is forecasted to be two to four cm of snow on Monday, followed by around 10 cm on Tuesday and five to 10 cm on Wednesday. 

If you're not a fan of the snow, you do have something to look forward to though. The week after, from October 12 onwards, is calling for sun, sun and more sun with no snow in sight, according to The Weather Network.

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Check out some of the funniest and best reactions to the crazy snow conditions in Calgary right now. Our respect for Calgarians has grown immensely. 

Via CrazyCanuckUncleBuck | Reddit

Via Jake_HT | Reddit

Via Elite_Canadian | Reddit

And just a joke for you to finish off this series of reactions. 

Alberta isn't even the only province that has gotten snowfall already this season. Several others such as BC and Manitoba have also received tons of snow.

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So if you're in an area that's already snowing, keep your eyes peeled on the streets for more Canadian ways of handling snow coming your way. Knowing Canadians, it probably won't be long until you see people ice skating on their commute. 

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