Well, it's only the second day of October, but fall has officially been cancelled in several provinces, which have already received their first snowfall in September. So move over autumn, winter is here and it's here to stay.

The city of Calgary received 10 to 15 cm of snowfall last night, and it has left the city in complete chaos. Due to the big dump of snow, drivers were left in shock slipping and sliding all over the roads, which caused 168 car crashes in the city last night. 

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A snowfall warning has been issued by Environment Canada for Alberta, and up to 45 cm of snow is possible in parts of the province. Just car crashes alone, there was 163 total overnight in the span of 13 hours. In addition, there were bus delays and train delays, icy sidewalks and more which caused a huge snowy mess. 

The Calgary Police reported on their Twitter that from 10:30 pm on October 1 to 11:30 am on October 2, there were 168 car crashes in the city, with 14 resulting in injuries. In another tweet, they also warned the public to "drive with extreme caution this morning" because of the poor road conditions caused by the high levels of snowfall. 

The car crashes were just one of the many problems caused by the crazy amount of snowfall in Calgary today. There were also tons of delays for public buses and trains, and the City of Calgary has said on Twitter that they are "working hard to plow & help buses that are stuck". They also announced on their Twitter that there will be a snow route parking ban starting tomorrow on October 3, at 10 am. 

Those commuting on the highway also had to experience major delays and icy conditions. The City of Calgary Transportation said on Twitter that most of the driving roads are still snowy and icy, and sidewalks and bike paths won't be cleared until the snow stops. 

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People also took to Twitter to talk about the snowfall – some shared pictures of the insane snowfall and many discussed how much they did not want winter to come so early to the city. Check out some of the pictures and reactions below! 

The heavy snowfall is forecasted to continue until tonight, and there is an expected accumulated total of 20 cm to 35 cm of snowfall from Monday evening to Tuesday night, according to Accuweather.

Calgarians, if you're hoping for some relief from the winter weather, we have some good news for you. According to Accuweather, the snow is expected to stop after tonight and the forecast for the next few days is primarily cloudy or sunny, although the cold weather looks like it is here to stay. It is supposed to snow again in just one week, on Tuesday, October 9th, so brace yourself. 

It would have been nice to wait till winter officially started to have insane levels of snowfall, but as usual, Canada's weather has other plans. Good luck out there, Calgarians! 

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