There are some seriously terrible drivers out there on the roads in Canada. There have been some viral videos of car accidents in Canada lately, such as this crazy speeding match and this video of a car crashing through a bush and almost hitting a pedestrian. 

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A new video that was released yesterday however, may prove to be the craziest Canadian driving we've ever seen on the internet. A young Canadian man named Darris is hoping to make it big with his audition for Canada's Worst Drivers.

Darris submitted an audition tape for Season 14 of Canada's Worst Drivers, which will be released next week on October 29th. His audition surfaced on Youtube on October 23rd and it's definitely gotten a lot of attention. You can check out the full video below: 

There are several scary reveals in the videoOne of the most shocking things was that Darris and his cousin got into a car accident, and they lost control of the car and his 14-year-old cousin ended up dying from the incident. His response? "It doesn't affect me knowing that speed can kill somebody", says Darris in the video. 

The video also shows him driving dangerously and recklessly on several occasions. Darris even admitted that he lost his job because he had to keep going to court over driving tickets and wasn't able to show up to work. His mom said that he "has been pulled over at least 40 times".

Not only were Youtubers ruthless against the reckless driver, but Redditors were too. The video made its way onto Reddit and Canadians were not holding back. They ripped the driver apart for his dangerous driving. 

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One Redditor, Len_Zefflin, commented, "I could not get all the way through the clip without wanting to kick his ass". It got 30 points. There were many other comments similar to these ones that ripped on Darris. You can check out the full Reddit thread here

Canada's Worst Drivers has been on the air since 2005. The show takes several horrible drivers from across Canada and tries to rehab their driving and improve their skills. You can watch full episodes of the show and find out more information about it here

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