When you think of a library, you probably don't associate it with massive crowds and lineups. However, Calgary's new library has been a game changer. Calgarians are completely obsessed with the New Central Library in the city's downtown. The library officially opened to the public on Thursday, November 1st. 

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Thousands of people came to check out the brand new library on opening day, according to CTV News. Lineups were around the block and it was absolute mayhem. Calgarians clearly couldn't wait to see the gigantic new library for themselves.

The library is breathtaking, but its beauty came at a serious cost. The library cost $245 million dollars and took several years to build. Public consultations on the library started over a decade ago, in 2004, according to Canadian Architect.

Despite the high price tag, the library is unlike any other in Canada and the city is already in love with it.  The massive 240,000-sq-ft library boasts a modern design and is situated in downtown Calgary. There are over five levels and around 600,000 items to explore. 

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New Central Library also has multifaceted uses, aside from being just a library. There is a cafe, study spaces, a small climbing wall, a performance hall, a Tech Lab, Indigenous Placemaking and more. 

Check out some of the reactions from Canadians to the New Central Library. Even people from other parts of Canada expressed their love for the new library. 

The New Central Library is located in downtown Calgary. You can find out more about the library on their website

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