Calgary Police are now investigating election signs vandalized with racist graffiti. Early in the morning on Monday, September 23, NDP candidate for Calgary's Skyview riding Gurinder Singh started receiving calls about vandalized NDP election signs. The bright orange NDP election signs have racist slurs scrawled across them in what looks like black spray paint and other signs appeared to blackout Singh's face.

Police received tips from the community and a complaint from Singh's campaign about the incident and are now investigating. Narcity confirmed with police that the investigation is still in its early stages and the Hate Crimes Coordinator has been looped in on the investigation, according to Calgary Police Service.

Singh spoke to Global News and said that there were about six or seven signs that were vandalized in a variety of disturbing ways. Some signs were knocked down and broken while others even had his face cut out.

In a powerful statement to Calgary police, Singh, who is proud to be a lifelong resident of Calgary-Skyview said: "I was disappointed and disheartened when I learned that not only were my signs vandalized, but the vandals used racist xenophobic terminology."

Vandalized signs read "Go back MF." Singh said in his statement, "The vandals felt that I did not belong in this community because either of the colour of my skin, the name I carry or how I choose to dress."

Some Albertans on Twitter called the vandalization "horrible" and "disgusting." Others are showing support for Singh and the NDP using the hashtags #TeamGill and #InItForYou.

Posting the photo on his own Instagram, Singh thanked those who have shown support and stood up against this vandalism. 

When asked about this incident being investigated as a hate crime, Singh's Campaign Manager Yasin Cetin said to Narcity in an interview "that’s definitely the route they should be taking. It’s not just an attack on Gurinder, but on the whole community as well."

Calgary Police Service confirmed with Narcity that this is being investigated as a mischief complaint by their Hate Crimes Unit.*

Earlier this September in Kelowna, a Liberal candidate had their sign vandalized. The graffiti appeared on Thursday, September 19 and it blacked out the face of candidate Stephen Fuhr. Trudeau's brownface scandal went viral the night before Fuhr's signs were vandalized.

In light of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent brownface scandal, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said that he had a private conversation with Trudeau because he was worried he might be used in some way.

*Editor's Note: This article has been updated to include additional information from the Calgary Police Service.

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