Say what you will about airplane food, but those tiny little bags of pretzels are killer. Hopefully, other Canadians feel the same way because they just got mountains of the stuff. Westjet sent Calgary pretzels by the planeload and now the province will be munching on those tiny complimentary snacks.

"With less aircraft flying, and simplified inflight service on the ones that are, WestJet is handing out a lot less snacks to guests these days," wrote Westjet in a statement shared with Narcity.

Due to COVID-19, tons of Westjet's flights are getting slashed and few are flying. They've got way, way too many boxes loaded with pretzels in their warehouses, and many are expiring soon.

Instead of throwing out millions of salty carb packets, the airline decided to donate its stock instead to Calgary and Toronto. They say they're working with community groups to donate any extra food items that will be expiring in the next 30 days.

Lucky food banks, shelters, community groups, and meal programs in both Calgary and Toronto were treated to 5,376 cases of pretzels as of Friday, April 24. That's roughly 1,074,200 packages in total meaning literally millions of pretzels.

At least this way, the food isn't being wasted and actually sent to people in need. Their food isn't all that shabby either.

All of Canada's airlines were hit super hard by the pandemic, as provinces and the border ramp up travel restrictions to cut off COVID-19 spread.

Westjet has since cut off its international flights and tons of their planes are sitting in yards, waiting for use again.

Now, however, instead of carrying people from country to country, the airline is ferrying cargo. In the same statement, Westjet announced they'll be working as cargo carriers starting Sunday, April 26.

Their first two cargo charters will be ferrying needed medical supplies from Dublin to Atlanta via Toronto as supply lines get stressed around the world.

The donation might not seem like much, but every little bit helps.

"Thank you @WestJet for you generous donation to DCC Food Bank," wrote the Dashmesh Culture Centre on Twitter. They got one of the airline's shipments and tweeted out pictures of stacks on stacks of pretzel boxes.

"Together we will be able to help many families in need," reads the post.

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