If you're looking for a Halloween adventure that's different than your typical haunted house or corn maze, you should check out this actual Canadian ghost town where there are more cats and creepy mannequins than there are people. 

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Located just north of Drumheller in Southern Alberta, the town of Rowley is home to only nine people. But that's not all that gives the small community its official ghost town status. 

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Rowley, by most people's standards, is considered for all intents and purposes deserted. There is no sewage or water system, municipal services, or any sort of public transportation through the area. In fact, the last train through Rowley hasn't run since 1999. 

That hasn't stopped people from living there, though. The town, which is technically considered a hamlet, is home to nine people. A man, his brother and his wife, a family of four, and a couple currently live there. However, their house is for sale, indicating a future population drop to just seven residents. 

The population is so low that the hamlet is definitely considered a ghost town. But, it's Rowley's non-human residents that actually make it creepy. 

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First, there are the cats. At least 15 feral cats, meaning they live wildly without human contact. They are one of the first things you notice when you get there. If a wild black cat crossing your path at night as you wander among abandoned buildings isn't enough to creep you out, there's more. 

If you get the feeling that you're being watched the entire time you're walking down Rowley's main street, you probably are. Not by the nine residents, but by the eerily realistic mannequins that lurk in the town's buildings and windows. While they were originally put there to add to the historic tours of the town, they definitely have a very creepy vibe. 

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Rowley may mostly be known as a ghost town now, but in the past, it has garnered some fame as the shooting location for three different movies. They were Brad Pitt's 1990s historical drama "Legends of the Fall," Hallmark movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days," and most famously, the 1989 Anne Wheeler film "Bye Bye Blues." 

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If you're planning a trip out there this October, you wouldn't be the first. Rowley is no stranger to tourists who come from around the world to take in a real live ghost town. They even offer historic tours to visitors who drop by all year round and by-donation camping in the summer. 

Source: Toronto Star

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