Americans and Canadians have both been dealing with the effects of California wildfire smoke. Several provinces, particularly British Columbia and Alberta, have been affected by the heavy particulate in the air. The hazy conditions have also now reached as far as the east coast. 

Residents of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island have reported seeing traces of the smoke from the ongoing wildfires in California, with some capturing photos of how it is affecting even the appearance of the sun.

"The east coast of Canada - Nova Scotia. Sun screened with smoke haze in late afternoon. You can look directly at the sun. Local news says from US west coast fires. We all share this world!!!!!! Stay safe," wrote @DShewfelt in a tweet.

Twitter user @NaturePaparazzi included another photo of a hazy sunset, writing, "Smoke from westcoast fires ….. in Southern NB @ Rothesay this PM. Haze filtering sun and feeling it in the lungs too, when out for a run."

Simon Legault, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told CBC News that even though the fires are happening all the way out on the west coast, winds will continue to push the smoke east.

This is supported by a graphic from the National Weather Service in Wakefield Virginia, which shows that the particulate is being picked up by the jetstream which then pushes it to the other side of the country.

Despite the hazy appearance in the sky, Legault also told CBC that the smoke is so high in the atmosphere that it is unlikely to have any major effects on air quality as it moves eastward.

While his remarks were in reference to the haze over Quebec, Environment Canada's air quality health index reports that conditions in the Maritimes are all in the "low risk" range for the time being.

The smoke from the wildfires has already had a major negative impact on the air quality in British Columbia, and has created hazy conditions in the skies over Southern Ontario.

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