Despite the steady flow of information, people still have questions about the current situation. One of the most frequent ones being asked is "can you get coronavirus from food?" As it turns out, there's not much risk of that.

Canadian and global health experts have determined that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through eating food.

According to Ottawa Public Health, "there is no evidence that touching or eating contaminated food will transmit COVID-19," as it is not a foodborne illness.

This also pertains to raw fruits and vegetables that are properly washed. Only water should be used to clean produce, not soap or bleach. They should also be rinsed under running water rather than being allowed to soak. 

Health Canada also notes that to date, there have not been any reported cases of COVID-19 being spread through food.

The World Health Organization says in a February 21 report that while strains of the coronavirus can remain stable at low to freezing temperatures for a specific period of time, practicing good food hygiene and safety practices will prevent any possible transmission.

This includes working with clean utensils and surfaces, while also following proper handwashing procedure.

It also entails cooking meats to safe internal temperatures (which kill coronaviruses).

Ottawa Public Health still recommends, however, that anyone who has symptoms should avoid preparing food for others.

There has also been concern online over food packaging. There is currently no evidence of anyone contracting the virus through items bought at a grocery store.

That being said, you should still wash your hands and put groceries away as soon as possible when you get home from shopping.

While it is possible that a package may have coronavirus living on its surface, there is no evidence that it will multiply while stored.

Still, if you're feeling uneasy about food packaging, you can clean any cans and non-porous cardboard down with disinfectant wipes.

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