Following the most recent UK election, Brexit is looking like a sure thing. Some residents of the UK are not happy about the result and are looking for their own solution. Canada and Scotland, in particular, have been talking about coming together, at least among Twitter users.

Scotland famously had its own independence referendum vote in September 2014. While the nation did not ultimately decide to leave the UK then, Boris Johnson's electoral victory has sparked discussion of yet another independence vote.

"This isn’t about asking Boris Johnson or any other Westminster politician for permission," Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon said after her own electoral victory, "This is instead an assertion of the democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine our own future."

Even in 2017, Canadian writer Ken McGoogan was proposing the idea of Scotland joining Canada, writing in a Globe and Mail opinion piece, "Let's invite Scotland to join Canada. The Scots aren't happy with the rest of Britain."

McGoogan writes about how, geographically speaking, Scotland isn't even really all that far from Canada. It's closer to Newfoundland than Hawaii is to California, and Glasgow is closer to Halifax than Halifax is to Vancouver.

Twitter has now seen a discussion between both Canadians and Scots about joining together.

"Dear Scotland, you're welcome to join Canada just so Boris Johnson and Donald Trump will shit themselves," wrote @CanadensisMax.

"Nova Scotia and Scotia unite!" Twitter user @T13tt3r wrote in a reply.

"I accept Scotland as part of Canada just so I can learn awesome Scottish swears!" wrote @SassChit

Some Twitter users even compared the idea of moving to Scotland after the UK election to the idea of moving to Canada after the US election.

"Apparently, following the election results, there’s been a spike on Google for people wanting to move to Scotland. Same thing happened with US citizens wanting to move to Canada when Trump got in. Interesting days ahead! 🤔" wrote @OrmidaleLass.

"Everyone gonna move to Scotland now, like Americans going to Canada," wrote @LaceyVoteDem.

Canada and Scotland definitely have a long history together. It's a long shot for Scotland to become part of Canada, but there are definitely people hoping for it to happen.

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