The amount of COVID-19 cases has been increasing here and there have been travel warnings for countries affected overseas. Now, the federal government has a new group dedicated solely to the virus. A Canada coronavirus committee has been set up by Justin Trudeau so that the country is "prepared for all scenarios".

The Prime Minister announced on March 4 that there is a new committee for COVID-19 that will work on the federal response to the virus.

Since the outbreak is changing quickly and moving around the world, the committee will be working with all levels of government from local ones all the way to international ones.

The eight-person committee, being led by Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, will meet regularly to make sure there's a coordinated effort for the impacts of COVID-19.

To reduce any potential risks to the health and safety of Canadians and the economy, the group of cabinet ministers will help make sure that the country is "prepared for all scenarios" and follows the best practices.

As of March 3, there have been 33 confirmed cases of the virus in Canada.

"This new committee will continue to monitor the health and economic impacts of the virus, and make sure our response takes all possible measures to prevent and limit the spread of the virus in Canada," Trudeau said in a news release.

MPs that are part of the committee will do work that complements what's being done by the Incident Response Group.

They will also continue the steps already taken by the government to limit the spread of the virus here and make sure Canadians are being protected.

"We take the international spread of COVID-19 seriously, and Canadians can be assured that their government and health officials are working tirelessly to keep them safe," Trudeau said.

Of the 33 confirmed cases in Canada, 20 are in Ontario, 12 are in B.C. and 1 is in Quebec. The Public Health Agency of Canada has the health risk for the country set at low.

As of March 4, the government has issued travel advisories for seven places around the world because of the risk of COVID-19.

Multiple groups of Canadians have been evacuated from Wuhan, China and from a cruise ship in Japan recently.

Since the situation with the virus is ongoing and can change, the government has a site set up for the most up to date information or people can call toll-free to 1-833-784-4397 for answers about COVID-19.

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