Ontario's government is cracking down on illegal gatherings. Out of all of Canada's COVID-19 fines, it has by far the highest. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one province is still charging under $300 for public health violations.

New Brunswick's fines for breaking public health rules can be as low as $292.50.

That's a far cry from Premier Doug Ford's initiative to start charging people who throw illegal parties up to $10,000.

While not quite as low as New Brunswick, Manitoba's fines for breaking any of its provincial rules, including going over the allowable limit on gatherings, are just $486 for individuals.

The province has limited indoor and outdoor gatherings to maximums of 50 and 100 people, respectively.

However, public health orders do make some exceptions to these rules. For example, if an indoor area is physically divided into multiple areas, up to 50 people can be in each one.

Other provinces have set their fines in the range of thousands of dollars, but still not as high as Ontario's.

Throwing a private party that exceeds 50 people in British Columbia can end up costing $2,000.

Saskatchewan's fines are just as high, and someone who threw a party that led to 21 new cases was charged the full $2,000, according to CBC News.

Alberta residents can expect to pay $1,000 if they violate any of the province's public health orders, including large gatherings. 

CBC also reports that in Quebec, illegal gatherings can result in $1,000 tickets. In Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the amount is the same.

Ontario's new fines come in the wake of massive illegal parties, such as the ones thrown in Brampton

One city has increased its municipal fines to $2,000 for first time offenders, but will go as high as $100,000 for further infractions.

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