While many of us were out enjoying fireworks and sunny weather this weekend, the OPP reveals that this Canada Day Weekend was actually a 'deadly' one. Throughout the Canada Day weekend, it was revealed that nine deaths and nearly 9,000 charges were laid throughout the weekend across Ontario. OPP are asking Ontarians to ensure that they drive safe to avoid more tragedies from occurring throughout the summer. 

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt took to his Ontario Provincial Police Twitter account to state that this Canada Day weekend was a 'deadly' weekend for many families. Schmidt states that throughout the weekend, nine Canadians lost their lives throughout Ontario. 

Out of those nine deaths, Sgt. Schmidt confirms that five of these deaths were caused by road collisions throughout the province.  One additional death was recorded by an accident involving an off-road vehicle.

On top of this, three people in Ontario also lost their lives from drowning the past weekend.  Schmidt states, however, that none of these drownings involved marine specific or boat fatalities. 

Schmidt states that OPP was also focused on aggressive driving this past Canada Day weekend, and were patrolling the streets across the province to ensure that road laws were being met. 

Over 8,800 charges were laid by OPP during this past weekend, according to Schmidt. Over half of these charges, nearly 5,300 of them, were for vehicles that were caught speeding throughout the weekend.  

Schmidt states that 180 drivers and their vehicles were also taken off the road this weekend due to stunt driving or street racing. With these charges, these 180 drivers faced a seven-day license suspension and a seven-day vehicle impound. 

400 people were charged with not wearing seatbelts and 116 people charged with distracted driving. 

Ontario Provincial Police remind drivers that their attention always needs to be on the road to avoid fatal accidents. This means that all handheld devices need to be put away before driving. 

Schmidt also states if you ever see dangerous driving on the highways you can call OPP directly to report these incidents. You can either call 911 or *677. 

All the fatal collisions from this Canada Day long weekend still are under investigation to determine if speeding or other related charges are involved in these five deaths. 

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