Canada Dry has long been known for being a popular ginger ale drink choice for Canadians. For years, the company has had the marketing label "Made from Real Ginger" on their drinks. Now, all of that is about to change. Canada Dry is now officially changing their labelling after being sued for false advertising

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The beverage company has been under fire as of late. Canada Dry just finished settling a major class action lawsuit in the U.S., one that led to the company actually paying back Americans who had bought their ginger ale drink since 2013.

Just when they thought their legal battles were over, the lawsuits moved north to Canada and the company is now facing at least two Canadian lawsuits, according to CBC News

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It looks like all the public backlash and lawsuits have been enough to push Canada Dry to change their longstanding marketing. The company now says it will be changing its "Made from Real Ginger" labelling in both Canada and the United States. This major marketing change will come later this year. 

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Earlier this month, Canada Dry settled the U.S. lawsuits by promising to drop their well-known "Made from Real Ginger" slogan. However, the soda company stood by its recipe and denied claims that their marketing misled customers. Canada Dry said the only reason they settled the case and didn't fight in court was so that they didn't have to keep going back to U.S. court over the same matter.

Despite all the legal drama in the States, the company was actually planning to keep their original in Canada – until Canadians decided to take action as well and a BC local filed a new lawsuit against the company, according to CBC News

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Since 2013, the slogan on Canada Dry drinks has been "Made from Real Ginger". Despite what the label claims, if you look at the ingredients on the back, ginger is not listed. Instead, you'll find ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid and preservatives.

On Friday, Canada Dry responded to the claims that there is no ginger in the drink and said its ginger ale "has and will continue to be made using real ginger extract from ginger root". However, they refrained from saying exactly how much is in the drink. 

Due to the lawsuits in the States, the company can never use the "Made from Real Ginger" label again, and it looks like they're now changing the Canada version of the drink too to avoid another legal battle.

Canada Dry has said that they are aware of the Canadian lawsuit filed against them but refused to comment on ongoing cases. 

Source: CBC News

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