Canadians are getting more help than ever from the government. However, that's raised concerns with some people. Andrew Scheer is questioning the amount of fraud related to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit

In a May 14 tweet, the Conservative leader attached a video of himself posing questions to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a meeting of the Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While Scheer admitted that the Conservatives want people to get the help they need, he said that reports indicated the federal government had asked public servants to "turn a blind eye" to 200,000 cases of suspected fraud.

"Did the government instruct any government department to ignore red flags or warnings of fraudulent cases?" the opposition leader asked Trudeau.

The Prime Minister indicated that safeguards were put in place to ensure that anyone who received the CERB fraudulently would have to pay it back later.

Scheer continued to ask the same question, requesting only a simple yes or no answer. When Trudeau did not offer one, Scheer replied, "we can all assume what the answer must be."

The Conservative Leader appeared to be making reference to a memo obtained by the National Post that said staff members at Employment and Social Development Canada had been told to process all CERB claims even if they suspected fraud.

Trudeau was also asked about any potential fraud related to the CERB during his daily address.

In his response, he made reference to the staggering number of Canadians who had lost their jobs.

"Getting that help to 99 percent of the Canadians who needed it quickly and rapidly, if it meant even accepting that one or two percent might make fraudulent claims, was the choice that we gladly made," Trudeau said.

Since April, the government has warned people that if they are receiving the CERB when they shouldn't be, they will be forced to pay it back later.

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