For Canadians who are still in Wuhan while the region is under quarantine, there's some good news. A number of them will finally be flying back to Canada this week, but they'll be placed under quarantine again when they arrive. The Canada evacuation flight from Wuhan will be departing this Thursday.

On February 6, the government-chartered plane will evacuate some Canadians at the epicentre of the novel coronavirus. The plane holds about 250 people, including crew members, said Health Minister Patty Hajdu to CBC.

According to an email obtained by CBC which was sent to Canadians in the region by Global Affairs Canada, the flight is expected to leave Wuhan Tianhe International Airport early in the morning on Thursday.

However, it's been reported that not everybody who wants to leave will be allowed onto the flight. 

Only people with a valid Canadian passport that has a valid Chinese visa are eligible to leave, but even then, it's not guaranteed, says the CBC article.

"Due to demand and the restrictions associated with this flight, we cannot guarantee that everyone who is eligible for a seat will be able to board the plane," the email reportedly said.

Those who do make it back this week will have to undergo screenings and a 14-day quarantine period at a military base in Trenton, Ontario.*

According to the email, people who are exhibiting symptoms of the virus won't be allowed onto the plane that will be departing from China.

Those who are allowed on will be screened multiple times before boarding, during the flight and after they arrive at the Canadian Forces Base, reads a news release from Global Affairs Canada.

Once there, the passengers will stay at the military base for two full weeks. They will undergo more medical assessment and observation, and get the necessary medical attention that they need.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told CBC that there are more Canadians requesting evacuation than there are spots on the plane. He says the government has already "got an option" for a second plane.

In a statement to CTV News, Hajdu said that 304 Canadians have asked to leave but only 280 of them have Canadian passports. 

The plane will stop in Vancouver to refuel but passengers will stay on board. 

If anyone shows symptoms during the flight, they will be taken off the plane when it lands on the west coast by a B.C. health officer and then to an isolated facility. 

So far, there have only been a couple of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Canada.

*This article has been edited.

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