The ever-popular winter parka manufacturer, Canada Goose is officially opening six new stores around the world. This latest expansion will bring Canada Goose into more European markets, introduce more Canadian stores, and increase the total number of stores by over 50%. 

Currently, Canada Goose operates 12 stores around the world. They have Canadian stores in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver. Around the world, they have stores in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. 

Now they will be tripling the number of flagship stores they have in Europe, opening their first Italy and France locations in Milan and Paris, respectively. Those stores are expected to open by fall or winter of this year. 

They will also be opening their fifth store in the US at the Mall of America, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the largest mall in the United States and the 12th biggest mall in the whole world. 

As for Canada, they will be opening three more stores in their home country. These will be located in Banff, Edmonton, and a second location in Toronto, at Sherway Gardens. These locations will officially maintain Canada's status as home to the most Canada Goose stores in all the world. 

All six of the new stores will also feature Canada Goose's speciality cold dressing rooms. The rooms are specifically designed with an incredibly low temperature to let the customers accurately test how well the coats will do in winter weather. 

Canada Goose has seen massive increases in sales recently, with its net profit growing by 61% year-over-year. This comes after sales in China have bolstered their sales, giving hope for this next expansion too. 

There is no specific opening date for the six new stores, though they are expected to open in fall or winter of this year. 

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