Way up here in Canada, we may not be too concerned or even aware of a massive fuel shortage in Mexico right now, but we should be. Because of that fuel shortage, a huge avocado shortage is about to hit Canada. Essentially without gas, which is a problem most places in Mexico are dealing with right now, the avocado growers can't transport their products anyway, including Canada. 

To give some background on this issue, gas and fuel theft is a really big problem in Mexico. In a move to curb gasoline theft, their new president put harsh securities on gas and even closed some pipelines. That has since affected the distribution of gas into the cities. That means that across Mexico gas stations are running out of gas at alarming rates and people are lining up for hours just in hopes of filling up their tank. 

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When it comes to avocados, this issue is all about transportation. Reuters reported that already in Mexico workers who harvest avocados have not been able to get to work due to the lack of gas for transportation. A Mexican association of avocado producers even expressed concerns about the fuel problem, saying this season is their busiest for exports. 

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The main reason for this is because of the Superbowl, which is scheduled for February 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia. Guacamole is a Superbowl snack staple. That's why, according to the avocado producers association last week, this week, and next week are their busiest for exports. If they are unable to send out all the necessary avocados by January 24th, there's going to be a problem. 

This isn't just limited to the United States either, Canadians should be equally as worried. While the Superbowl may not be as big a deal here, many Canadians still tune in every year, and besides that we just like avocados. 

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Unfortunately, if avocados can't be exported from Mexico right now then that means they aren't going to be making their way to Canada any time soon. That will have a huge impact on us since Canada gets 95% of our avocados from Mexico. 

In fact, this is going to affect most of the avocado-eating world, since Mexico is the main global producer for avocados due to their perfect climate for growing the delicious green fruit. 

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Fortunately, the shortage may not last long. Mexico's president declared recently that they have been successful in their war on fuel theft so far and that fuel distribution is slowly starting to get back to normal. None the less, if Mexico's gas shortage doesn't resolve itself in the next week, everyone is going to be giving up avocados. 

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