This article was originally published on September 28, 2018.

Almost everyone who took a history class in Canada knows about the Baby Boom in from 1945-1965, when people came back from the war and started having kids like crazy. In fact, most of our parents are probably Baby Boomers. 

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But, that wasn't the only time Canada's population was on the rise. Just this past year, our country experienced its biggest population growth since 1957, the height of the baby boom. But, this time, the cause is very different. 

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According to Statistics Canada, our population rose by over half a million people since July 2017. For a country with only 37 million people, that's a pretty big increase. 

So what's behind the big increase? It's not another baby boom, but rather an immigration boom. Roughly 80 percent of the recent population growth is due to international migration, which was higher last year than ever before. 

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Contrary to what people might believe, this number isn't fueled by asylum seekers, though they do contribute to the increase in migration. The number comes from people coming to Canada with work and study permits. 

The other 20 percent of the newcomers to Canada are babies that are born here, making up just over 100,000 of the half-million new Canadians last year. But, that number is much lower than the baby boom of 1957. 

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The influx in our population is actually a really positive thing for Canada, given that the original baby boomers are now retiring, leaving big gaps in our workforce. The new people coming in will help fill these gaps and boost the economy. 

Source: Financial Post

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