Exploring Canada just got easier for so people across the country this week, because a new highway is opening this week that will permanently link the rest of Canada to the Arctic for the first time ever.

This brand new 120 kilometre, two-lane, all-weather gravel highway was a started as a project many years ago. The goal was to replace a seasonal ice road that was only accessible during certain points of the year, severing off the Arctic from much of the country, but especially Canadians from the Northwest Territories.

Travellers will now be able to explore Canada's northern most regions with the ease and comfort of a road trip, making this one of Canada's most exotic road trips yet.

The project was a long time coming for Canadians in the region. Darrel Nasogaluak, mayor of Tuktoyaktuk, a hamlet in the Northwest Territories, says this permanent road is something people in the community have wanted for at least 40 years.

Opening ceremonies for the new $300 million Inuvik-Tuk highway will take place this week in Inuvik. And travelling across this road sure makes for a scenic drive, full of large forests, the tundra, plenty of snow and eventually the ocean.

Source: The Star

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