With over 400 confirmed Salmonella cases in Canada this year, The Public Health Agency of Canada is issuing yet another recall, warning people that certain foods are contaminated with the potentially-fatal bacteria. 

In the most recall, issued just yesterday, Public Health Canada has confirmed that four cases of salmonella poisoning across the country have been linked to frozen chicken products, especially an unbranded chicken fries product. But, that's not the most severe recent outbreak.

Earlier in July, the government recalled No Name brand chicken nuggets. Now, they have investigated this particular outbreak, finding that 47 people across the country are currently sick because of it. Of those 47, 11 of them have been hospitalized due to the salmonella poisoning. 

In this case, the affected products were the 907g box of No Name brand chicken nuggets, with a best-before date of May 15, 2019. They were sold across the country, which explains why the outbreak has now infected people in almost every single province except the territories, Newfoundland, and PEI. But, people there could still get salmonella poisoning if the recalled products are consumed. 

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Anyone can be affected by salmonella, which can present very similarly to the flu, but people with weakened immune systems are in even more danger. Some people who are infected may never show symptoms, but can still pass the disease on to others. In extreme cases, salmonella can lead to hospitalization and even death. 

This year alone in Canada, there have been 433 confirmed illnesses linked to salmonella-infected chicken products. Of those, 86 people ended up in the hospital and three of them have died, though it's not known whether salmonella was the true cause of death in those cases. 

Public Health is warning Canadians to throw out any food that has been recalled, especially the contaminated chicken nuggets, and to be cautious when cooking frozen or raw chicken to avoid getting sick. 

Disclaimer: The cover photo in this article was used for illustrative purposes only.

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