It's hard to imagine a year in recent memory that's been tougher than this one. That's apparently how a significant number of Canadians feel. A new Canada poll has 2020 being named the worst year ever by half of the country. 

The results come from the most recent weekly survey done by Leger, a Canadian polling and market-research firm. 

In it, a representative sample of 1,513 people was asked, "Up until now, is 2020 the worst year you've ever lived?"

Not surprisingly, 50% of those respondents said that yes, 2020 was just the absolute worst.

The majority of people (56%) who said 'yes' to this question were in the 18 to 34 age group.

Canadians who were 55 or older were more likely to say that this was not the worst year they've been through.

It's not hard to imagine why younger people would view 2020 through this lens.

Employment and schooling were both drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving a negative impact on future opportunities for people just entering post-secondary institutions or the workforce.

They've also experienced civil unrest in both Canada and the United States over issues of racism and police brutality, prompting large-scale protests in both countries.

Even Justin Trudeau had to admit that 2020 was not the ideal year for young people in a commencement speech he gave to students back in June. 

He said that people don't get to choose what world they graduate into, but that they definitely wouldn't have picked 2020 if given the option.

For those who said that this still wasn't their worst year, many of them indicated that it was either the death of a loved one or personal problems that made other years worse.

On top of their opinions about 2020 as a whole, a firm majority of the surveyed Canadians also believe that there will be a second wave of COVID-19 in the next three months that will put things back to where they were in March and April.

At least it's finally August, which means there are only about four and a half months of 2020 left to go.

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