Remembrance Day is almost here and that means Canadians are wearing their poppies proudly until November 11. Canada poppy campaigns have kicked off but Justin Trudeau's backfired. The Prime Minister's tweet about poppies isn't getting much love from Canadians online.

Trudeau is facing backlash after a well-intentioned tweet about commemorating his grandfather's military service with a custom poppy made some Canadians angry. 

"My grandfather Jimmy served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. I dedicated my Remembrance Day poppy to him this year, and I’m sharing it proudly to honour his service to Canada," Trudeau tweeted.

Response to Trudeau's tweet about his grandfather was less than kind and probably not the outcome he wanted from the tweet. Though some replies were kind, most people took the opportunity to drag the Prime Minister and shade him for the way he's handled veterans benefits and for saying that some veterans want more than the government can afford to give.

One person replied to Trudeau's tweet and said "shame on you and kudos to your grandfather," while others brought up Trudeau's handling of veterans benefits.

Another person tweeted, "He’d be so embarrassed of who you’ve become."

Trudeau was promoting an online initiative by The Royal Canadian Legion that honours veterans by allowing people to customize a poppy with a dedication to someone who embodied the values they fought for.

In another tweet, Trudeau told Canadians to customize their own poppy and also donate money when they pass a poppy box before Remembrance Day. 

Other Canadians like author Margaret Atwood, model and actress Ashley Callingbull and hockey commentator Don Cherry all dedicated poppies to veterans they have a connection with. 

Someone also responded to Trudeau's tweet to promote controversial white poppies which are meant to symbolize peace and commemorate the civilians who were victims of wars and conflicts. 

But Trudeau will probably still wear the classic red poppy that Canadians know. 

The Liberal platform for the 2019 federal election included promises to veterans that included improving mental health support, making it easier for veterans to get disability benefits and addressing veteran homelessness by building affordable housing units with support services. 

You can make your own customized poppy with a dedication to a veteran here.

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