Taking their cue from union members and concerned citizens in Richmond, BC yesterday, Canada Post confirms that a group of protestors also congregated at a mail processing plant in Hamilton, Ontario to physically block packages from being delivered. 

Despite the strike officially being over due to the federal government's back to work legislation, a large number of people are still determined to show solidarity with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. 

People Are Physically Blocking Canada Post Trucks So They Can’t Deliver Mail

"We can confirm individuals are illegally obstructing the movement of mail/parcels at our Hamilton Mail Processing Plant, 393 Millen Rd, Stoney Creek, Ontario," Canada Post stated on Wednesday evening, "We’ll continue to take appropriate action to address illegal activity impacting the collection & delivery of mail/parcels."

Following the back to work announcement, Canada Post confirmed that mail delivery will continue to be delayed across the country "during the peak holiday season and into January 2019." They also said that delays could stretch into March 2019. It's likely that these illegal protests will delay things even further.

"International items will require screening by the Canada Border Services Agency. We are working in partnership with them to manage the significant existing backlog," Canada Post said earlier this week.

As for the protests at Hamilton's mail processing plant, Canada Post hasn't said whether or not the individuals have been stopped and removed from the area. But, hundreds of responses have poured in from concerned individuals who have yet to find out when they can expect their mail.



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