Since the fall season, Canada Post employees have been conducting rotating strikes to fight for better wage, benefits and more. Unfortunately, while CP employees were striking, their nation-wide deliveries were backing up causing delays and disruptions. Canadians were surprised when Canada Post confirmed that Canadians likely wouldn't get their packages delivered by Christmas, the nation was in a frenzy. 

Now, it's been reported that Canada Post confirmed that the holiday delivery service guarantee has been restored across most of the country, meaning that you'll likely get your holiday packages delivered in time for Christmas!

After the federal government forced Canada Post workers to go back to work on November 27th, it seems employees have been working tirelessly to send out those parcels.

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Even though Canada Post stated again that parcels would be delayed in January 2019 and international packages could be delayed all the way until March 2019, it seems like they were finally able to get the mail situation under control.

Now, Durham News is reporting that Canada Post states that "they are caught up on most parcel deliveries that have been backlogged by the rotating strikes around the province." Canada Post's holiday delivery service guarantee has been restored throughout most of Canada, except Vancouver. 

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According to Durham News, Canada Post states they delivered about four million packages between last Friday and Monday and will be delivering more parcels before Christmas. 

Source: Durham Radio News

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