You've got mail! Getting a package has never been more gratifying than during this time. With so many people ordering everything instead of being able to go out and buy it from a store, Canada Post delays are still worse than ever. Still, they're setting new delivery records to try and keep up.

In a May 26 news release, Canada Post revealed that people should still be expecting further delays as they do their best to keep up with an "unprecedented" level of deliveries, which grew at a record pace between April and May.

That resulted in setting a new one-day record on May 19, with 2.1 million parcels delivered to people across the country, more than three times the normal volume at this time of year.

On top of the number of items being ordered right now, many of them tend to be oversized parcels containing things like mini-fridges, furniture, and barbecues.

These cause additional challenges for delivery, as they often require two people to lift. That creates hurdles with both safety and delays.

Canada Post is ensuring that it follows proper social distancing measures in all of its facilities, which it also says creates the need for more time spent processing orders and deliveries.

Steps are being taken to try and keep up as best as possible with the increased volume. That includes hiring temporary workers and making weekend deliveries.

Packages are also being rerouted to different locations based on capacity, which is why you might notice your order taking a different route than normal when you track it.

Canada Post had previously announced that people should expect delays back in April, when it said that the level of deliveries it was making was on par with the Christmas season.

They even suspended all of their on-time delivery guarantees that same month, as they could no longer promise when parcels would make it to their destination.

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