Canada Post is known for releasing a variety of stamps that help to showcase Canadian history and heritage. Thursday, Canada Post announced that they were launching a new set of stamps to celebrate the first moon landing.  While the first ever moon landing may seem like an American accomplishment, Canada Post has released Apollo 11 stamps to help celebrate the amazing contributions that Canadians made to this mission.  

In a press release, Canada Post stated that they are issuing two new stamps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the first mission that allowed humans to land on the moon.  These two new stamps feature the amazing technology that was needed in order to land these astronauts safely on the moon, showcasing the Canadian talent that was needed to help make the moon landing happen.  

One stamp features the 'spider-like' landing gear that was used on the Apollo mission that was manufactured by Héroux-Devtek, a Quebec company. These legs were used as part of the launch platform that let the NASA astronauts lift off from the moon and reconnect with the main ship that let them return home to Earth. 

These legs were manufactured in Canada, specifically by Héroux Machine Parts Limited in Longueuil, Quebec. They are actually still on the moon today where the Apollo 11 landed. The area is now known as the 'Sea of Tranquility'. 

The two stamps were also created to acknowledge two Canadians who helped to contribute to the Apollo 11 landing. Jim Chamberlin was a Canadian who worked with NASA while creating the Apollo.

He was the one who created the approach known as the lunar orbit rendezvous, the fundamental idea where flying directly to the moon wasn't the best option and that a smaller landing ship should travel down while the main ship remained in the moon's orbit. 

Owen Maynard was another Canadian who worked with NASA and was considered the person most responsible for the design of the lunar lander, the craft which helped to land the astronauts onto the moon. 

These stamps are available to purchase at Canada Post locations and you can get a booklet of ten stamps for $9. 

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