Canada has its very own Bermuda Triangle but planes and ships don't go missing there, packages do. Canada Post's Dieppe facility in New Brunswick is called a "black hole" and a "vortex" for packages. Some people in Atlantic Canada have reported having items stuck there for weeks.

When you think of vortexes and black holes, New Brunswick probably doesn't come to mind. If that's the case, you're lucky. People in Atlantic Canada have been complaining for years about a Canada Post facility in Dieppe, New Brunswick where packages seemingly sit for weeks.

According to the CBC, if a package is going to somewhere in Atlantic Canada, it will most likely go through Canada Post in Dieppe before being sent to its final destination. 

"Dieppe is like the Hotel California of packages — it just ends up there, but it cannot ever leave," said Newfoundlander Tom Cochrane to the CBC.

Every time he orders something online, he dreads the package going through Dieppe before it gets to him.

However, the facility might not be as bad as people think.

Before packages head off to other provinces in Atlantic Canada, the facility in Dieppe is last mainland scan point.

If a package looks like it's just sitting in Dieppe, it might actually be on its way, it just hasn't reached another facility or your mailbox yet.

But that doesn't make the waiting any easier.

On Twitter, one person said, "anyone from Atlantic Canada knows that Dieppe, NB is where mail goes to die."

Another even brought Santa Claus into it. 

"If Canada Post was coordinating Santa's delivery, he'd have to leave the North Pole on December 13th and wait in Dieppe for 11 days before heading to Newfoundland," they said.

"We're not delaying those items, we're loading them and putting them on trailers, and we're sending them on their way," said Tim Blizzard, the director of operations with Canada Post in Dieppe, to the CBC.

With Newfoundland specifically, Blizzard said that delays with packages often happen after they've left Dieppe but there's no way to update Canada Post's online tracking system between Dieppe and St. John's.

Thankfully change is on the way. 

As part of the Dieppe plant expansion, which is underway now, a new parcel-processing conveyor system will let consumers see where their package is after it leaves Dieppe. 

Blizzard said the new system should be ready for the fall of 2020.

For now, if you're in Atlantic Canada and are planning to do some online shopping for the holidays, you might want to do it now. You don't want the gift to be stuck in Dieppe for weeks and miss the holidays completely.

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