Canada is known to be the best at a lot of things. We're ranked as being one of the happiest countries, one of the most beautiful countries and even one of the best countries in the world for mental health. However, Canada was just ranked second in another recent study, and it's not something that you would expect. The Global Drug Survey of 2019 just announced that Canada is ranked second in the world for using the most cocaine. 

The Global Drug Survey of 2019 polled more than 130,000 people across 36 countries about their drug usage. It was led by Dr. Adam Winstock as his team in London. The results about Canada are pretty staggering. According to the report, which was also posted by the National Post, when 1,960 Canadians were asked how often they had used cocaine within the past year, the median number of days was 10. This means that according to these survey results, the average Canadian uses cocaine almost once a month.

These results mean that Canada is the second highest user of cocaine throughout the world. According to the survey, Scotland ranked number one in the world for the most amount of cocaine used, with their average days of usage being a median of 12. 

This is just the beginning. The survey also found that Canada has some of the cheapest cocaine in the world, which might explain why so many of the people surveyed are using it. According to the Global Drug Survey, the average cost per gram in Canada is around $85, while the global average is around $120. 

Not only that, but the survey found that Canadians are one of the countries that 'totally' trusts their drug dealers the most. In this report, it outlines that just under 70 percent of Canadian drug users have trust in their dealer and believe that their dealer would never become violent. 

Cocaine use isn't Canada's only high ranking, either. The study also says that Canada is ranked second in the world for using a new psychoactive substance (NPS).  

NPS is a dangerous drug which often has inconsistent composition and can be very potent. It comes with a variety of risks and has even been responsible for deaths within Canada. The drug is often seen as a 'copycat' drug and takes on the form of drugs like party pills and synthetic cannabis. It primarly takes a form of a powder or pill and is known to cause hallucinations. 

The report discovered that 12 percent of Canadians have used NPS, which is much higher than the global average of 4.3 percent. 

In some good news, the report states that Canada is handling legal cannabis well and is the only country that is mandating health warnings for cannabis. 

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