Businesses across the country are getting the chance to welcome back their customers. However, there might be a financial catch to Canada's reopening plan. Canadians could end up paying a bit extra for their services.

According to CTV News, some British Columbia businesses such as restaurants and hairdressers are adding what is being called a 'COVID surcharge' to their bills.

This added cost is being used to cover lost income during closures, as well as covering additional costs such as masks, gloves, and extra sanitizer.

Jonathan Alward with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business told CBC News that passing on the added cost of PPE and extra staff hours is necessary for businesses to survive.

"They're not doing this because they want to; they're doing this because they absolutely have to," he said.

Mandy McFadden, a salon owner from Newmarket, told CTV News that a box of gloves for colouring services has shot up in price from $8.95 to nearly $20.

With distancing protocols in place, McFadden's salon can only see half the clientele that they normally would in a single day.

The trend has already started in the United States. One recent tweet showing a restaurant receipt adding a $2 surcharge garnered a lot of online attention, with over 550 replies and 391 retweets.

Marketing expert David Soberman told CBC News that businesses should be upfront about charging extra, and that it's a reasonable request, considering the added costs of being open right now.

However, he noted that it's a tricky area, as customers will also be feeling financial pressure due to lost or reduced employment.

The Canadian government has been offering financial assistance to businesses in the forms of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, which covers 75 percent of workers' wages.

More provinces are beginning to move into reopening phases. However, each region is doing so differently, with varying rules, regulations, and restrictions.

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