It seems as if there has been recall after recall when it comes to chicken nuggets and other breaded chicken related products this year. Multiple companies have had to recall a variety of their chicken nuggets and strips throughout the year, and hundreds of Canadians have become ill with Salmonella.  Canada has now decided to take action after 566 chicken related salmonella cases have been reported since 2017. 

According to the Government of Canada, Salmonella is a common occurrence. 566 laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella illness have been investigated since May 2017 and throughout these cases, 96 Canadians have become hospitalized and three have died in relation to Salmonella. 

Salmonella is also said to make around 87,500 Canadians sick every single year. One of the more common causes of Canadians getting ill due to Salmonella is the fact that Canadians are not cooking their meat long enough or to the right temperature. 

Due to this high number of Salmonella-related illnesses, Canada has decided to take action by introducing a new food industry regulation for frozen breaded chicken that will start being put into place tomorrow. 

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These new regulations will aim to help reduce the number of recalls and Salmonella cases that occur each year throughout Canada. 

In the summer, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency linked outbreaks of food-borne illnesses to frozen raw breaded chicken, stating that many Canadians do not cook these products long enough. 

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Due to this, the new laws now require food companies to have salmonella "below a detectable level,". This means that a majority of raw chicken products will now be cooked thoroughly before they are frozen and sold to consumers. 

The new laws are also calling for better labelling on frozen chicken products and for the increase of sampling and testing of products before they reach the consumers. 

These changes are taking place on April 1 and will continue to be monitored by Health Canada. 

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